Take a look at our videos showcasing models in action

AI Powered Thermal Imaging

Realtime temperature and human detection

AI Powered NightVision

Object detection using night vision cameras

Facial Sentiment Analysis

Realtime sentiment analysis using facial cues

IOX Pilot & Object detection

Object detection on the edge using Raspberry PI and PI Camera

Text Detection

Text localization using unmanned vehicles

Seal Label Number Recognition

Alpha numberic character recognition for seal number recognition

Container Number Recognition

Alpha numberic character recognition for container number recognition

DP World Video

Show casing our realtime analytics on our client’s premises

Seal intactness

Computer vision model to detect whether a container seal is intact or not

Aiotize Pvt. Ltd.

Aiotize develops bespoke Business Intelligence solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide by applying a layer of analytics through our proprietary cloud-based, AI Engine Cognixa.


IOX AOS Cognixa

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