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We provide complete drone hardware- software solution.
Integration with third party dashboards/softwares.

Original Equipment Manufacturer - O E M

Our goods are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users.

At Aiotize OEM Solutions we know you are looking to take your product to market with just the right services, support and technology to help differentiate it and increase its potential for success.

Partnering together we can design the right combination of capabilities to do just that.

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OEM solutions customized for your industry

We provide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions in more than 40 vertical markets that depend on high-quality, stable and well-engineered technology specialized for their industries.

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Why design with OEM Solutions?

Our products/services help you expertly plan, build, deploy and maintain your solutions, worldwide.

We were recognized because we help you shorten time to market, create better customer experiences and reduce costs and complexity

For over 5 years we have been helping customers like you make a difference in the lives of your customers, partners, patients and the planet.

Use Cases

Plan & Manage your solution

Consult with our industry experts on your design, lifecycle management, global services and support

Roll out ready designs

Get to market fast with off-the-shelf, OEM-tailored products that provide unbranded options, stability, extended life, change management, industrialized durability and industry certifications right out of the box.

Customize your innovation

If you can dream it, together we can design, deliver and support it. Make your ideas a reality by partnering with our technology experts

Original Design Manufacturer - O D M

Aiotize Pvt. Ltd. provides many additional services to our valued customers. For companies looking to build original products, we offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services.

Drone cameras
U A V Drones

ai powered solution
Indoor Operating Drones powered by ROS

Industry-specific robots perform several tasks such as picking and placing objects, and movement adapted from observing how similar manual tasks are handled by a fully-functioning human arm.

Such robotic arms are also known as robotic manipulators.

ROS is ready for use across a wide array of robotics applications, from indoor to outdoor, home to automotive, underwater to space, and consumer to industrial.

Robot Operating System [ROS]

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. From drivers to state-of-the-art algorithms, and with powerful developer tools, ROS has what you need for your next robotics project. And it's all open source.

For over 10+ years the ROS project has produced a vast ecosystem of software for robotics by nurturing a global community of millions of developers and users who contribute to and improve that software. ROS is developed by and for that community, who will be its stewards into the future.

Original Brand Manufacturer - O B M

Aiotize takes care of the entire production procedures, from design, engineer, manufacture, supply chain to marketing. OBM is the option for the manufacturer who wants to produce sophisticated products.
We at Aiotize provide the best tailored made productsfor your business and enterprise.

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Ports And Railways Surveying

- Applying A.I. algorithms to your live video streams

In railways, safeguarding the continuous operation of rail traffic entails maintenance of the rails, sleepers and gravel beds, design and construction of extension works and monitoring of the condition of railway bridges, among many other activities. All these tasks require the efficient and regular measuring and mapping of railway trajectories and their surroundings.

The applications of drones in railways

Preparing contour maps of the area where new rail lines are proposed

3D models of stations for visualization and 3D models of the terrain to draw accurate plans.

GIS mapped data can be used to calculate the length of track laid and create 3D models to help project managers map potential risks to construction.

Power Transmission Surveying

-Designed to resistant to electromagnetic interference.

Applying A.I. algorithms to your live video streams to

1. Recognize

2. Categorize

3. Annotate various assets.

Drone-powered solutions application

1. Improve manpower safety

2. Increase speed and efficiency of routine maintenance activities

3. Troubleshooting by eliminating manned aerial surveys, rope access or on-foot inspections

4. High-quality data from drones can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hazardous man-hours while improving asset-life and reducing outages.

5. Drones can carry a varied range of cameras for higher resolution visual inspection to detect hot spots, insulator flashovers, cracks, chipped ends, and more.

6. They can access hard-to-reach infrastructures for detailed inspections and provide maintenance of assets spread over a vast area in comparatively lesser time and costs.

7. Drones can also execute dangerous inspection procedures and thus, enhance on-site safety.

RealTime asset management
RealTime video analytics

- Applying A.I. algorithms to your live video streams

Applying A.I. algorithms to your live video streams


1. We take all the live video streams from the client side along with any static images as input to form a combination of data sources for the platform (Cognixa engine).

2. These video streams could comprise of HD cameras, IP (Internet protocol) connected cameras, video streams from drones, connected robots and mobile devices.

3. These video streams are fed into our AI engine in order to deliver insights that are beyond what the human eye could see.

By applying a layer of A.I. The platform acts as a smart assistant that equips your organization with the right set of information and key insights to drive down costs, increase accuracy, improve safety and reduce the turnaround time to resolve any organizational abnormalities or issues.

RealTime video analytics
RealTime Asset Management

-To recognize, categorize and annotate assets.

Applying A.I. algorithms to your live video streams to recognize, categorize and annotate various assets.

Unstructured data can be converted into insights using Machine learning

Faster decisions could be made based on the insights generated by the various operations such as

Object recognition and tracking

Vision based asset management

Predictive analytics based on those assets subjected to various time frames.

From the notifications provided by the platform, the whole real time analysis could be live streamed and viewed anywhere across the globe

Automatically extract clips or highlights from within the platform and visual trends can be viewed based on historical data.

RealTime asset management
3D object detection and tracking

-Our object detection methods generate 3D mesh models

Point clouds
Immersive Virtual Reality Environments from the various video sources.

Point clouds

Used in 3D modeling to generate accurate models of real-world items or scenes.
This technology is in high demand for computer graphics, VR, and communication.
Our Computer Vision developers and infrastructure architects will help you generate immersive 3D models of the physical world easily and with great speed.

3D object detection and tracking
SLAM using drones

SLAM, which is also used extensively in augmented/virtual reality applications.
It uses a variety of sensing and localization techniques such as
Lidar Mapping
GPS Positioning
3D depth cameras for perception
Tracking etc.

Visual SLAM, one of the subsets of SLAM in general, relies solely on cameras, and is among the most preferred methods for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The goal of SLAM is to provide a continual estimate of where a moving, autonomous vehicle is located along its sense of direction within its environment, both vertically and horizontally, while also constructing a 3D map as the robot navigates through its environment.

SLAM using drones
Warehouse surveillance and management

-Enable your warehouse to perform smarter, streamline business processes and maximize space utilization

These days, warehouses are more than a storage and inventory facility.

Thus, a lot of organizations are investing in IoT-enabled warehousing for better automated control systems (ACS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) to improve their operational efficiency by reducing costs.

Our Smart Warehouse Monitoring solution enables the real-time monitoring of warehouse assets/images/equipment by offering real-time transparency and traceability of all goods across different locations.

The gathered data generate meaningful insights regarding inventory and storage status and provide stock visibility.

It helps a warehouse operator to prevent inventory shrinkage and increase worker safety.

Also, such valuable insights help in optimizing the storage location, pallet journey, warehouse throughput and workforce.

Warehouse surveillance and management
Human Activity Recognition

Human Activity Recognition (HAR) has been a challenging problem yet it needs to be solved.

It will mainly be used for eldercare and healthcare as an assistive technology but at the same time shall be used for security and surveillance services as well.

When ensembled with other technologies like the Internet of Things(IoT), HAR can be done with the help of sensors, smartphones or images.

Human Activity Recognition
Multilingual OCR

The most important thing to look for in an OCR tool is accuracy, because this determines the extent to which you can rely on your results.

Our highly accurate OCR solution eliminates the need to double-check your results, and enables you to have high quality, reliable documents whenever you need them.

OCR tools vary significantly in the level of results that they deliver, so you should be sure to opt for a professional-level solution.

Cognixa engine is potentially optimal for most of the OCR needs.

This fast, accurate solution supports OCR in over 60 languages, equipping you with the tools that you will need to tackle any document.

Multilingual OCR
Image Segmentation & Crowd Density Estimator

A fast method has been developed to estimate crowd density using a reference image with only background to classify pixels in a crowd image by subtraction as belonging to either pedestrians or background..

Image Segmentation & Crowd Density Estimator

Servicing and Maintenance

Aiotize Provides Drone maintenance and servicing. AI based software Cognixa software Upgrades.

Aiotize is ready to assist you! Have you had a crash with your fixed wing or quadcopter? Don't be concerned! Can't seem to get the latest firmware to load? Do you require an upgrade?

Aiotize's qualified repair engineers have deal with severely damaged drones before and can quickly get your craft back in the air. Every repaired aircraft is put through a complete test flight, and all of our work is covered by a warranty.

Did your drone crash?

Don't worry, we'll take care of it.

Request for Repairs Online

-> Request a repair on our website.
-> An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to deliver your drone to us.
-> Your Drone will be tracked until it reaches us.
-> We'll let you know when we've received your Drone.
-> We'll email you a cost estimate for the repairs.
-> We'll repair Your Drone and return it to you.

Robotic Manipulators
Upgrade Your Drone

If you'd want to upgrade to a newer camera or smart controller, or install the latest firmware, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.
You want to be able to get the most out of your drone in terms of flying duration and lifting capacity if you're a drone enthusiast or someone who uses drones for business. Having a strong drone will make your drone job easier and more efficient.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
Exclusive Repair Discounts

Aiotize provides additional discounts to Annual maintenance contract (AMC) and OEM purchased drones.
AI based Software Cognixa gets Free Updates for security and better performance.
Aiotize provides 65 days maintenance warranty for its servicing and maintenance under AMC contract.

Robotic Manipulators
Expert Engineers Behind

An Experienced Team of Engineers will be handling your Drone. We have a drone specialist team that always completes the work, in spite of challenges. We are thrilled to have young, passionate, and go-getter individuals at our workplace.
Aiotize focuses on providing quality servicing to its customers with 365 days availability.
Aiotize Care has exclusive technical service channels to provide support, including online chat and call support.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Original and Authentic Products we use in our Services. We have an in-house Repair center. Our product can also be used out of the box with existing systems already on the market.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)