On Demand Services

Aiotize drones provide more than enough time to compose the perfect in-air delivery, with a maximum battery life of 50 minutes. It can easily carry up to 5 kg of payload at a top speed of 60 km/h. Aiotize flies at a maximum altitude of 400 meters, ensuring that your footage remains stable even when in the air.


A delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used to distribute packages to consumers during the last mile delivery process. These 4-8 propellers drones can carry lightweight containers very quickly and point to point, resulting in shrinking wait time. They can be operated either autonomously using AI technology or remotely, with distribution centers and operators overseeing the flight.

Aiotize has added new lines for cloud-based AI applications that require huge GPU servers. IoT Sensors enable Aiotize to perform high-speed calculations and capture data that would otherwise be missed by human operators, such as small movements in dark areas.


Aiotize AI is modular and can switch between various internal modules such as business insights, changing models, real-time monitoring, etc. Being incremental, our system, once built, doesn’t remain the same, i.e., They are monotonous and doesn’t need continuous improvement over the AI-models doesn’t need to do. Our models evolve and employ evolutionary algorithms behind the scenes. The basic thing is that you have to pay for need and use. Similar to how AWS works, we have allowed the users to decide what all models they need to use, and based on the usage and bandwidth used across the solutions.


Fifty-minute flight time

This industrial-grade drone outperforms top consumer-grade products with a 50-minute flight time. Aiotize is a better option if you need more battery life without sacrificing quality or features.

On-demand drones can achieve an altitude of 100-400 m

There is no issue with the Aiotize, but it depends on your ability to handle the drone if it is out of sight. On-demand, drones can easily achieve a maximum height of 100-400 m.

Aiotize drones can carry out up to 5 kg of payload

The Aiotize drone can fly 50 minutes with a 5 kg payload thanks to its lightweight structure and powerful propulsion system.

In air delivery

Built-in sensors and cameras can detect the proximity and speed of a nearby object, allowing the drone to react quickly to avoid the hazard. Thus, making in-air delivery easy.

Max speed of 60 km/h

Aiotize allows users to easily select and use its various types for mission requirements, ensuring high efficiency with one-time flights and a maximum speed of 60 km/hr.