Carbon fiber body, light weight

with speed, power, and
complete control.

Different modes

to meet the needs.

Aioitze Quad Copter
Aioitze Quad Copter
Aioitze Quad Copter
Aioitze Quad Copter
Aioitze Quad Copter
Aioitze Quad Copter


We provide complete drone hardware- software solution. Integration with third party dashboards/softwares.


Multi-Spectral Sensor for drones Sensors to capture multispectral, thermal, and high-res RGB data.

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Optical Zoom Cameras

RGB & IR based imagery

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FLIR Dual Imagery

2 Detectanble temperature ranges

Thermal &IR [ night vision]

2 thermal sensor resolution option

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Multi-Spectral Sensor for drones

RealTime asset management
Intel Depth-Sensing cameras [LIDAR based]

It uses LiDAR technology to scan a full scene allowing it to provide a point cloud with up to 23 million points of accurate depth data per second.

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DJI Based Optical Sensors

For specific requirements
Drones with optical cameras or lidar are often used to check infrastructure for damage, placement of traffic signs, and overhanging vegetation, and to assess structures after floods and rockslides

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Aiotize develops bespoke Business Intelligence solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide by applying a layer of analytics through our proprietary cloud-based, AI Engine Cognixa.


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