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About Us

Aiotize develops bespoke business intelligence & automation solutions for companies and governmentthat focus on making the work & production environments ecient, reliable and versatile. It caters to various market segments such as defence, logistics, healthcare, disaster management, agriculture, mining, real estate, etc.

Areas of Work

AI Consulting, Software Development, AI Research, Computer Vision and Business Intelligence are amongst the many areas we would like to work in.


  • Autonomous U AV/Drones and Land Rovers
  • Robotic arms [Auto-Pilot]
  • Dedicated Robot Operating System [ROS]
  • Object avoidance
  • Self-navigation algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • Facial Recognition
  • Real-time Object Detection

Internet of Things

  • Sensor Integration
  • Data collection through wireless remote nodes
  • Deployed in addition to the drone solutions for extended functionalities
  • Provides Agile environment for Automation

How it Works


IOX - is an internet of Drones [IoD] derivative of the Internet of Things [IoT] enterprise drone automation concept that provides drone agnostic software solutions to deploy with fully automated & cloud connected commercial drones at scale. IOX is the modular drone concept which is convenient to assemble, control & repair in case of need.

The System is built on cloud infrastructure where the drones are connected to The cloud server via LTEprotocols all the time and also they are accustomed to the machine interfaces present in the work environment.

Cognixa AI Engine

Business Intelligence Cognixa AI Engine Cognixa AI Engine is a cloud based AI engine offering AIas a Service, on demand. It allows us to run video analytics onthe data sent to a cloud server by IoT devices or drones deployed in the deployment site. The engine/platform enable us to run machine learning, computer vision, image processing or even audio processing models on the data, in real time, and send the results back to the on-site device to act in accordance with the results of the processing algorithm. The presence of such a system allows data to be sent to a cloud service to be processed, instead of on-device processing, and hence, increases the scope of more complicated models being deployed, as the restriction of complexity due to low processing power of IoTdevices is now eliminated.

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