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Drones for defence, security, and enterprise that are best in class and entirely customizable.

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Cognixa AI Engine

About Aiotize

Aiotize develops bespoke business intelligence & automation solutions for businesses and governments worldwide making the work & production environments efficient, reliable and versatile.


Our Solutions analyse & process data to support a variety of commercial applications like security, surveillance, automation & provides agile work environments.

Tech Stack

Our tech stacks include the Internet of Things [IoT], Artificial Intelligence [Ai] & Robotics, with that we have developed our proprietary products.


Aerialtronics Altura Zenith

Acquire Data

Vision, Thermal, Gas, Lidar, etc

Create Results

IBM Watson IoT

On Demand Services

On Demand Drones

Aiotize drones provide more than enough time to compose the perfect in-air delivery, with a maximum battery life of 50 minutes. It can easily carry up to 5kg of payload at a top speed of 60km/h. Aiotize flies at a maximum altitude of 400 meters, ensuring that your footage remains stable even when in the air.

On Demand AI

Aiotize has added new lines for cloud-based AI applications that require a large number of GPU servers. IoT Sensors enable Aiotize to perform high-speed calculations and capture data that would otherwise be missed by human operators, such as small movements in dark areas.


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