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Drones that are best in class and completely customizable for defence, logistics, healthcare, disaster management, agriculture, mining, real estate, and more.

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Aiotize develops bespoke business intelligence & automation solutions for companies and government that focus on making the work & production environments efficient, reliable and versatile. It caters to various market segments such as defence, logistics, healthcare, disaster management, agriculture, mining, real estate, etc.

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It is a concept built on the Internet of Things, which would allow deployment of connected UAVs.

Allows drones to do a variety of tasks in an efficient and scalable manner.

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At Cognixa we use Machine Learning (ML) tools and algorithms to develop AI-driven products and solutions.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in creating, implementing, and integrating AI solutions into the business environment.


Areas of Work

Deep Tech


Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Business Intelligence

Innovation Consultancy

These are amongst the many areas we would like to work in.


Autonomous UAV/Drones and Land Rovers

Robotic arms [Auto-Pilot]

Dedicated Robot Operating System [ROS]

Object avoidance

Self-navigation algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks

Machine Learning


Facial Recognition

Real-time Object Detection

Internet of Things

Sensor Integration

Data collection through wireless remote nodes

Deployed in addition to the drone solutions for extended functionalities

Provides Agile environment for Automation

How it Works


IOX - is an Internet of Drones [IoD] derivative of the Internet of Things [IoT]

Modular Enterprise Drone Automation Conceptt

The System is built on cloud infrastructure

Where the drones are connected to the cloud server via LTE protocols at all times.

Accustomed to the machine interfaces present in the work environment.

how it works
Business Intelligence

Cognixa AI Engine

Cloud based AI

Allows us to run video analytics on the data sent to a cloud server

Enables us to run machine learning, computer vision, image processing or even audio processing models on the data, in real time

The presence of such a system allows data to be sent to a cloud service to be processed, instead of on-device processing

Hence, increases the scope of more complicated models being deployed



Accelerated By


Dynamic Interface

The system is configurable for challenging operational environments. The Drones/System is equipped with cameras.

Infrared Vision
Infrared Vision for Night time Operations

Infrared vision is the capability of systems to detect infrared radiation. Infrared vision is used extensively by the military for night vision, navigation, surveillance and targeting.

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Optical Zoom
Optical Zoom Capabilities up to 20X

20X Optical zoom offers the best results and is the truest form of image magnification. Because the content in your photograph is enlarged by manipulating rays of light coming from the scene, optical zoom offers lossless results.

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Thermal Camera
Thermal Camera for Heat Sensing

Thermal cameras detect more than just heat; they detect tiny differences in heat – as small as 0.01°C – and display them as shades of grey or with different colors. Recent technical developments apply thermal infrared image (2D images) onto spatial information (3D images) to obtain 3D temperature distribution model. Three-dimensional space information can be acquired through various 3D scanning methods, such as omnidirectional vision, structured light technology, time-of-flight, and binocular vision technology.

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Aiotize develops bespoke Business Intelligence solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide by applying a layer of analytics through our proprietary cloud-based, AI Engine Cognixa.



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